Olympic Karate Studio

Come Kick It With Us!


Our style, American Goju, is a transcendent of Okinawan Goju-ryu with added emphasis from Shotokan, Tae-kwon-do, and American boxing. Goju (Hard/Soft) is based on the same philosophy as Yin/Yang -- that is our opposites give us harmony in the universe. This is also the fundamental law of Physics (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction). Dark would mean nothing without light. We balance our strengths by focusing on our weaknesses. Courage needs fear, and fear needs courage. At OKS our primary goal is to help individuals discover and attain personal balance.


In May of 2014 Olympic Karate Studio moved from its original 2,500sq foot building further down Fegenbush Lane to it's current 10,000sq foot facility. Our current building houses ample mat space with plenty of seats for viewing, a weight area, large bathrooms, as well as gear and snack shops.