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Come Kick It With Us!


Let Your Kid Come Kick It With Us!
Our Youth Karate Class is a more enriched and rigorous format than the Little Champ’s program. At this age, the students are more capable of comprehending and performing the more detailed and varied aspects of martial arts, and are expected to not only develop further in their physical fitness, but in their character.  While still a fun and exciting curriculum, the Youth Karate program provides important support as your kid begins to grow into their own person.

Help Your Kids Protect Themselves
In Youth Karate Class, we want to be able to aid your kids outside of karate, and there are 8 focus points in the Youth Karate program which do just that: confidence and self-esteem building, exercising self-discipline, identity development, improving focus, how to avoid peer pressure, proper self-defense, healthy exercise, and friendly defense from bullies. With these benefits, your kids will excel both in and outside of the karate school.

Karate for Developmental Support
Karate is an excellent developmental tool. It provides the physical and emotional support children need in their vital stages of growth. We have seen kids too shy to come out from behind their mom on their first day of class transform into outgoing, confident, and assertive individuals. Hyperactive kids learn to focus and concentrate, and ill-mannered children learn to be polite and respectful. With the supportive environment Olympic Karate Studio provides, you’ll be helping your child strive to be the best version of themselves.

Allow us to help your kids grow and give them the edge they need to succeed!