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Ages 4-7

Lil' Champs

Teaches students basic martial arts techniques and age-appropriate self-defense. Our goal is for the students to learn balance, coordination, build strength, learn self-control, and develop a positive mental attitude. With this age, we focus more on the student enjoying what they are doing and believing they can do it.


Ages 8-13

Junior Black Belt Club

Receiving the more advanced level of Martial Arts training, the Junior Black Belt Club works on katas, all basic techniques, sparring, grappling, and the mental attitude of a black belt. By getting these virtues and skills, it takes them one step closer into not only being a Black belt in Martial Arts, but also a Black belt in life. 


Ages 14+


Training in a higher level of Martial Arts with more advanced katas and more experience in sparring and curriculum. Adults get a longer class for more exercise to stay healthy and keep up with personal fitness. Staying on top of these areas in karate class may help with a better, healthier routine in daily life.


All Ages

Competition Team

The OKS Competition Team class focuses on the little details of your Martial Arts skills. This class professionalizes the minor details of kata and weapons, while also fine-tuning your skills in the sparring ring, making your competition at its highest possible level.

Find your greatest potential here. 

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All Ages

Private Lessons

Welcome to getting the one-on-one interaction with an instructor! Whether you need individual help on a kata that is giving you trouble or if you want to take your sparring to the next level, our private lessons are for you! You can even grab a friend or two for group private lessons!

Contact us today for pricing and booking!

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